Asia League Ice Hockey Vikings closely defeated 2-3 against Oji, Korea Trip will settle the Play Off..

Asia League Ice Hockey, Vikings closely defeated 2-3 against japanese Oji. Trip to Korea will settle the Play Off Games… 

Report from Head Coach Peter Johansson  
The early goals from Oji today put us in the position to chase them and the game looked almost settled after the second..but then suddenly our Power Play resulted in two goals and it became a close finish. Before the start today we have a lot of problems with injured players and it was hard to almost get a full team to start. We where just 16 players on the rooster today but I have to give full credit to my team that came back also today. I think the team who has visited us the last weeks now understand that this team never give up…and with the Power Play now start to work we could be really dangerous in the Play Off… However our first goal is the Korea Trip next week… See you in Play Off….


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