Asia League Ice Hockey, New Victory for Vikings 3-2 against Kangwon in Korea, Next Game Saturday 28 January Halla – Vikings, 17.00 Anyang, Also Als Scoreboard 16.00 China, 17.00 Japan, 09.00 Europe

Asia League Ice Hockey, New Victory for Vikings 3-2 against Kangwon in Korea, Next Game Saturday 28 January Halla – Vikings,17.00 Anyang, Also Als Scoreboard 16.00 China, 17.00 Japan, 09.00 Europe

Report from Head Coach Peter Johansson  
I am happy with the victory today. With some players back from the stomach flu we played much better. But in the end it became quit hard anyway because as I see it we were almost raped outhtere today and I get really sad for the Hockey when this happens. For me it is impossible to understand that we came out with two ten minutes penalty and one game misconduct after Taro Nihei get hit by the High Sticking and Checking from behind. In the other moment it is impossible to understand that we seems to be more banded for the fight on 59.59. As I see it we were 4-6 out on the ice and we have won the game… I really think the referee must go back to the film because this could not be clearly right. I can understand that the referees sometimes take the favor of the home team but it has to be some line. In two games here in Korea we have had 152 minutes in the penalty box and the Kangwon have had 76 Minutes. It means that we have played more than 1 game in Box Play….If you go back to our homegames in January in Beijing the level between the penalties is more equal. In the games against Oji Vikings clearly had more penalties. I think this is clearly easy to go back to because this was a live game on internet…so let us use the films..
Report from CEO Per-Erik Holmström   
I can understand the feeling my coach have but let me first balance this a little bit. I hope that the Korean referees have had some bad days and for all of us I hope they will be better. As I have said before it is good people and bad people working for the League. Lets build on good people and it is a lot of good people working for Korean Hockey. A second thing that I want to add is that here is two types of example that I have warned everybody about in the excecutive meeting discussions about the referees. As I see it here is clearly situations were the referee does not understand what is happening on the ice. Vikings is in both situations clearly in favor of the game and has no intesion to block the game.  I just hope that the League takes this serously under consideration. When this occured in Sweden, as it did last year in Play Off, It meant that violence took over the game… Is this what we really want…

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