Asia League Ice Hockey, Kangwon – Vikings Wednesday 25 January 19.00 Chunchon. Also Als Scoreboard 18.00 China, 19.00 Japan, 11.00 Europe

Asia League Ice Hockey, Kangwon – Vikings Wednesday 25 January 19.00 Chunchon. Also Als Scoreboard 18.00 China, 19.00 Japan, 11.00 Europe

Report from Head Coach Peter Johansson  
The Korea trip is finally set the Play Off games and for us it is a really hard program that we face so in many ways the Play Off starts already today for us with the game against Kangwon.  

Report from CEO Per-Erik Holmström   
For Vikings this is the first game we play in Korea and I think both Team Halla and Kangwon really doing a great work for the development of the sport here in Korea. With their effort and performance they have add values for the people that likes Ice Hockey in the whole Asia. Kangwon is like we playing the first season and have lost many close games this season indicating that the team are good. Halla has lately, together with Cranes, been the best Team in Asia and I think their progress this season is the most amazing including Vikings entrance. 

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