Asia League Ice Hockey, 3-1 Victory for Vikings against japanese Oji, New Game Sunday 22 January 15.30 Beijing,Hosa Skating Center. Also Als Scoreboard 15.30 China, 16.30 Japan, 08.30 Europe

Asia League Ice Hockey, 3-1 Victory for Vikings against japanese Oji, New Game Sunday 22 January 15.30 Beijing, Hosa Skating Center. Also Als Scoreboard 15.30 China, 16.30 Japan, 08.30 Europe

Report from Head Coach Peter Johansson  
Today we played stable from the beginning and we were 2 goals ahead almost the whole game. I think we should have finished the game off in the second but we played 7 minutes in Power Play without no chances at all. That we have to improve a lot to the Play Off if we should be in the race of the title. In total I am very happy with our teams performance today and the victory today was important for the final standings as well. I hope that we could be professional and play concentrated tomorrow as well. … However Oji is a tuff opponent and it will be a battle tomorrow as well so Beijingers come to Hosa Skating Center tomorrow and see our last home game in the regular season. 
Report from CEO Per-Erik Holmström   
Our Arena is brand new and problems with tickets due to the cuurrent regulations and restrictions on the Arena could appear.. But please call our Event Manager Joakim Karlsson on 13522524103 if you have any problems. Also for all of you that dont find your way to the Arena, The Fan Club meets up at W-Bar, Sanlitun South Road 120, Chaoyang District also on Sunday 13.30 and would leave to the Arena around 14.30 

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