2020-2021 Roster

Nordic Vikings did not play any games in any Sports this season due to Corona. However these Players like was supposed to participate in the Activities.

Ice Hockey

In the summer it had been discussions about a move from Granada to Logrono and a cooperation with Millenio Panters for a start in LNHH

Nordic Vikings – Logrono and Granada Team in LNHH

Linus Rosengård, Goalie, Finland and Sweden, Arkaitx “El Matador” Edgren Corral – Defense, Sweden and Spain, Martin Bräck – Defense, Sweden, Robert Alvarez Holmström – Defense, Sweden and Colombia, Daniel Ädel – Defense, Iceland, Lars Bach – Center/Forward, Denmark Fuengirola Lions, Sabin Matei – Forward, Spain Granada Grizzlies, Rafael Allegre – Defense/Center Spain Granada Mulhacen Eagles, Teemu Rastas – Forward, Finland Fuengirola Lions, Dorian Donath Sanchez, Samuel Rodriguez Colombia, Axel Södergren Center Sweden and Peru, Niclas Fröden Forward Sweden, Rasmus Fröden Forward Sweden

Per-Erik Holmström -Leader/Coach – Sweden Nordic Vikings,  Jari Nyman – Leader/Coach – Finland Fuengirola Lions,  Steven Gonzalez – Leader/Coach Spain Granada Grizzlies

Spain National Team

Dorian Donath Sanchez, Nordic Vikings Inline


China Bandy ( China Bandy No Games )

Daniel Yunfan Zhang, Nordic Vikings, Truls Longen Yu Nordgren, Nordic Vikings, Johan Chang, Nordic Vikings, Magnus Lu, Readly Norway, Sofia Mei Mei Mårtensson, Söderfors, Ellen Spång, Tranås

Per-Erik Holmström – Sports Director, Hans Elis Johansson – Head Coach, Jan Sjönemark – Head Coach, Chen Lu – Leader

Inline Ice Hockey 

Nordic Vikings Inline No Games

Rasmus Frisk, Goalie, Sweden, Robert Alvarez Holmström, Defense Sweden Colombia, Jeppe Mogensen Defense, Denmark, Carl Wassenius, Forward, Sweden, Victor Jasunov, Forward, Sweden and Latvia, Hannes Axell, Forward, Sweden

Swedish National Team No Games


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