Game Tickets –

New Info – Nordic Vikings will play their Home Games in both Nevera Rink, Majadahonda and Palcio Del Hielo, Hortaleza.. Due to Limited Access in Nevera we could just currently offer a limited numbers of Season Tickets. It will be offered just 64 VIP Tickets and 200 Season Tickets. The Ticket Situation in Nevera is limited but in Hortaleza the capacity is much better. We could currently  take 120 VIP Tickets and 1.000 Tickets.
Due tio the Limited Access we recomend that you sign up for a Season Ticket.  If you do not Use your Ticket for the Game you could send it back to us for the Waiting List which could give some refund – If we sell it you will get some Refund.
 Nordic Vikings Ticket Information….

-Premium VIP Tickets (Limited to 64) a 25 Euro, Season 250 Euro –

-Venue Ticket a 15 Euro, Season 100 Euro (Limited to 200)

-Family Ticket a 20 Euro, Restricted to Games in Palacio Del Hielo

-Memberships in Fanclub – Including a Season Ticket – 200 Euro (Limited to 200) 

Ticket Information and Restricted Seats 

 VIP – Tickets 25 Euro and Season Tickets – 250 Euro (64 Tickets Avaialble) 

16 Nevera Restaurant – Window Table and  Window Table in Palacio Del Hielo

16 Nevera Restaurant – Standing Bar and Window Table in Palacio Del Hielo

16 Second Etage Newera – Window Sitting in and Window Table in Palacio Del Hielo

16 Second Etage Nevera – Standing Bar and Window Table in Palacio Del Hielo

Stands – Tickets 15 Euro Season Tickets – 150 Euro (200 Tickets Avalaible)

Longside Standing in Nevera and Longside Sitting in Palacio Del Hielo


Tickets Nevera Rink, Majadahonda Madrid

– 15 Euro Stands ( 200 Tickets Available, Standing Longside – Seasontickets Holders have Pre Rights

– 25 Euro VIP ( 64 Tickets Available – Season Tickets Holders and Sponsor have Pre Rights


Palacio Del Hielo, Hortaleza Madrid

– 15 Euro Stands (1.000 Tickets Sitting Available)

– 25 Euro VIP with Access to Bar…(64 Window Sitting, 64 Standing Bar – 128 Tickets Available, Season Tickets Holders)

Membership and Fan Club –

Sara Fogel and Dana Jurtjenko

“We are excited for the season and hope to see you on the tour and in Madrid”…says Sara  and Dana add ” just mail us on nordicvikingsfans@info ” if you want to join or if you need help with anything around the Team and Tours”

-Memberships 100 Euro, including 2 Game Tickets to One Game and Pre Rights to Tickets

-Follow the Nordic Vikings Inside on Tour and get Access to Private Virtual Clips

Equipment for Fans –

-Game Jersey



Guidance to Sponsorship for Nordic Vikings Team Madrid

-All Nordic Vikings Games Distributed “Virtually” and some in La Liga Sport TV

Questions – Per-Erik Holmström, +46707704581,

Head Sponsor Nordic Vikings Madrid – The Name could be discussed (1)  

-200 Free Tickets to all Nordic Vikings Games

-Advertisement and Marketing Rights on TV Wall

Partners Nordic Vikings (4)

-100 Free Tickets to all Nordic Vikings Games

-Advertisement and Marketing Rights, several options –

Sponsor Hockey Game 3.000 Euro (1.500 Per Team)

-Two Teams of 11 Players Each – Play a game against each other, with full service of Equipment and Ice

-50 Tickets to a Nordic Vikings LNHH Game

Gamesponsor 2.500 Euro

-200 Tickets to a Specifik Game

-Advertisement and Marketing Rights, on a Specific Nordic Vikings Game

Equipment and Jersey Sponsor – Optional (Between 5-10.000 Euro plus Production)

-Helmut (2) Front and side

-Jersey (5) (2)Front top smaller sizes, (Good at Media Intervjues) (2)Arms, (2) Back Top

-Trousers, (1) Front

Rinkboard – Optional (Between 5-10.000 Euro plus Production)

Player Sponsor – Pick your own Player (All Players have one own Right)

-Advertisement and Marketing Rights, on Team Clothes on a Specific Player

-4 Season Tickets (Venue or Family)